CGA Human Resources System

The Castillo Garza y Asociados CGA Human Resources System offers an accurate calculation of earnings and deductions of workers attending
the specific procedures of your company as well as adherence to the latest requirements dictated by the Tax Administration SAT.
CGA Human Resources includes all the necessary modules to work from the beginning and that nothing and no one is left out.
With all the features already included: Employees, Payroll, Training, Control Assistance Services (INFONAVIT, IMSS, Fonacot, Savings, etc.),
Print Badge, Timbrado Payroll, transfers to bank deposits, generation and automatic shipments electronic vouchers (XML's) employees.

  • Human Resources

  • Employee Master
  • High, Low and Modifications
  • Cardex
  • Salary Modifications
  • Transfers
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  • Assist Control

  • Schedule Control
  • Electronic Check Clocks
  • Autorizations
  • Overtime
  • Assist Reports
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  • Payroll

  • Fast and Efficient Calculation
  • Fixed Various Factors
  • Savings Funds
  • Electronic Payroll
  • Reports
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  • Social Security

  • Medical Record
  • Disabilities
  • Prenatal Care
  • SUA/Infonavit Files
  • Reports
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  • Training

  • Annual Training Plan
  • Courses
  • Scholarship Program
  • Practitioners
  • Reports
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  • Cafeteria

  • Foods by Turn
  • Discount Payroll
  • Invoicing Dealer
  • Overtime Refreshments
  • Reports
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  • Various

  • Plant Security
  • Equipment and Tool Control
  • Support Practitioners
  • Job Opportunities
  • MS Word Letters
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30 years of experience in Maquiladoras

With our experience in different maquiladora industries in the region, we have been improving applying to each of the modules
the most efficient and standardized methods of the region, attached to the most recent dictated by the modalities of the Mexican Tax Administration System.

Payroll is fast, complete and simple, concepts and very simple form factors are assigned, it also has the advice and support at all times.

Payroll Module / CGA Human Resources System

Attendance control allows you to manage and identify different types of schedules, it is also compatible with various check clocks market. Ask for time clocks that we distribute.

Assist Control / CGA Human Resources System

The training module has a training plan for employees of his company, with a series of courses and trainers control, you may specify a Development Plan.

Training Module / CGA Human Resources System