Castillo Garza y Asociados, S.C.

We are a company specializing in the development and programming of computer systems, service-oriented maquiladora industry in Mexico company. Our range includes different departments such as: Administration, Human Resources, Import and Export and Production; considering all control routines exchange rate by keeping the amounts in Pesos and Dollars and all its windows the Spanish language and English.
Special development on demand of computer systems for the control of logistics business in general. Maintenance service due to continuous improvement programs, tax rulings and union agreements on our own installed systems. Purchase of computer and peripheral equipment sales systems.

System: CGA Finance

General Accounting

General Ledgers, Accounting


Purchase Orders, Quotes

Accounts Payable

Payment Schedule, Checks


Invoices, Electronic vouchers

Accounts Receivable

Reports, Balances

Asset Fixed

Depreciations, Capitalizations

Warehouse Control

Inventory Control

Electronic Accounting

Mexican Tax Electronic Requirements



System: CGA Human Resources

Human Resources

Catalogue of Employees, Payroll, Attendance

Assist Control

Up to 1000 employees by minute


Controls up to 1000 payroll concepts

Social Security

Mexican Social Security


Training Plans, Courses.


Medical examination, Prenatal care, Disabilities, etc.

Cafeteria Control

Registration consumption per employee and billing

Security Plant

Control of visitors and vehicles

Electronic Receipts

Receipts per employee payroll

Systems: CGA Others


Importations \ Exportations Control

Quality Control

Sampling, Inspection and Production Rejects

Plant Maintenance

Control maintenance of machinery and equipment

Vanguard Software

CGA Administrative Systems, are developed based on the latest and most reliable
technologies for information management

Operative System

Standard operating system market.



SQL Database, user security and Windows authentication.


Visual Studio

Programming in C # with all the power of Microsoft Windows applied in the security of your information.


Microsoft Asp.Net

Web platform availability across the width of your company network.


Our Services

More than 20 years of service behind us, personalized support via remote or phone.
Our staff will install the software in companies and transfer the information they have in electronic media.
It trains staff while run in parallel. The customer decides when to move "to live”.

Planned Service

Programming attention based on their priorities.

Speed ​​and Efficiency

Specialized personnel for your projects.


We transfer your data to our platform.


Recommendations to streamline your processes.


Your needs immediate disposal.


Restoring information based on history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The CGA system has an automatic backup option , with which you can restore data in seconds on any other computer that is enabled as a server.
We handle make the transfer of information to our modules and run parallel to test and demonstrate the correct operation, so that the client, simply choose our icon on your "desktop screen" instead of the previous one, and start enjoy a new era in information processing.
For almost all modules requires one to two weeks only on the payroll, 3 or 4 weeks may be necessary, in companies with more than 1000 employees.
At least 1 time per year and corresponds to changes in the law. Only in case of updates in our developments , we would talk of more , but usually fail when they come law changes.
Our programming is developed with the most advanced technology on the market. Our service is personalized, each customer represents a compromise , in which the problems arise they are part of our responsibility. Our prices are below our competitors.
Yes, access is unlimited and does not cause it to become slower, thanks to its client-server design . It is even possible to access the system from remote PC either at another plant in another city or country.
The basic requirements to load Windows 7 or higher.
Yes, what distinguishes us is the personalized attention, our engineers go directly to their offices and personally attend to the details, because we know that just being there, at times, can understand the problems.
By any licenses since the system it can be used from any PC connected to the network. Installation and configuration of the PC is contemplated within the maintenance fee.

CGA Sharp Human Resources System Demostration


Programming of computer systems, service-oriented maquiladora industry, in different departments, such as: Administration, Accounting, Human Resources, Training, Import and Export, Quality Control, Materials, Warehouse and Purchasing. Special development, on request computer systems in the areas of Production, Costs and Efficiency of Staff. Purchase of computer and peripheral equipment sales systems. Maintenance service due to: continuous improvement programs, tax rulings and union agreements.


Meet customer requirements, by implementing 100 % tested procedures and constant training to our users customers. Exceeding customer requirements, using the most advanced technology in the international market.

Assure quality control, giving maintenance within the same company, to hear the different criteria that management requests, delivering results supervised by themselves.

Investigation and development

We are constantly looking for new languages, operating systems, databases and packages generally found on the market, to know and if feasible, exploit so they can have some service for our customers.

Installation and training

Our staff will install the software in companies and transfer the information they have on electronic media (previous systems, Excell sheets, etc.), and then proceed to train staff while user runs in parallel. The customer decides when to move to "live".


Our administrative staff is responsible for allocating the necessary support staff, monitoring the time incurred deployments and requested maintenance; to control and satisfy each of the services required.

Also prepares the billing and collection, as well as our employees and payroll taxes to the various government entities that belong to us.


Over the time , our sales are primarily made ​​based on recommendations that our same customers do with their colleagues in the various meetings they have.

Companies with software requirements and contact us we proceed to send information about our information systems , and then do a demonstration in your company with a fictitious example and another presentation in a company with our systems, to be seen running live and exchange comments.


Our service policy is to provide our services in the best way possible and accessible at all times the expectations of our customers by providing a correct solution to their demands.

Communication system Our main focus in the downward vertical hierarchy , for have an open , full and secure communication that gives us an organization in chronological prioritization based on their needs.


Our regional customers have applications in the local language


Corporate consulting our customers require information in your language.

-English/United States

Our Clients

Over the time, our main sales method has been based on recommendations
made ​​to our same customers have the satisfaction of trust
in our systems for managing information.

You need any consultation or quote?

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