CGA Financial System

The CGA Financial System offers all an administrative system linked to a control everything related movements effectively
and instantly showing accurate and detailed information in live.
CGA Finance is scheduled based on the latest standard technologies today.
Standardized, graphical and easy to use for processing your information platforms.

  • Accounting

  • General Accounting
  • Finance Reports
  • Taxes
  • Electronic Accounting
  • Accounts, GL's, etc.
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  • Purchasing

  • Purchase Orders
  • Quotes
  • Autorizations
  • Email Notifications
  • Warehouse Receive
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  • Accounts Payable

  • Suppliers Catalog
  • Checks Generator
  • Payment schedule
  • Reports Balances
  • Bank Reconciliation
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  • Warehouse

  • I/O Products
  • Inventary Control
  • Warehouse Control
  • Accounting Record
  • Reports Movements
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  • Invoicing

  • Customer Catalog
  • Customer Prices
  • Electronic Tax
  • Addendas
  • Consignee
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  • Electronic Taxes

  • Electronic Balance
  • GL's
  • Accounting Catalog
  • Folios and Auxiliary
  • XML's Verification
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  • Fixed Asset

  • Depreciation GL
  • Construction in Progress
  • Capitalizations
  • Depreciations
  • Fixed Asset Reports
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30 years of experience in Maquiladoras

With our experience in different maquiladora industries in the region, we have been improving applying to each of the modules
the most efficient and standardized methods of the region, attached to the most recent dictated by the modalities of the Mexican Tax Administration System.

Our accounting process is easy to understand, graphical interfaces, interactive with MS Office and accessibility from anywhere.

Accounting Module / CGA Financial System

The procurement process requisitions per user controls according to your department, budget control, makes electronic authorizations and facilitates the monitoring of purchase orders.

Purchasing / CGA Financial System

The interface module allows the automatic loading of information from any other system for processing and thus to generate the requirements of Mexican Electronic Taxe.

Electronic Accounting / CGA Financial System