Electronic Accounting

Electronic accounting refers to the obligation to keep records and accounting entries through electronic means and enter a monthly basis their accounting information via the website of the SAT.
To formally comply with the monthly income of accounting information system has modules CGA
to generate SAT requirements such as the Balance of Checking and Chart of Accounts
with the consolidator SAT code that allows interpretation.
Also electronic information to generate its accounting policies and auxiliaries for delivery to the official website of SAT

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Obligation upon request, includes the annex of electronic vouchers to each of its accounting Policies, with the ability to read, verify and validate the registration document.

Initial obligation and whenever new bills are generated, updated catalog records its accounts and generate whenever required.

Instant generation of Trial Balance, with the list of all balances, debtors and creditors of all ledger accounts to check for equality.

Generation of pages of tax receipts when they can not be integrated into the policies.

Required for express shipping type auxiliary account or sub-account


Custom Exhibits

Programming interface to import your catalog of accounts and suppliers.

Programming interface charge ratio of their policies from its corporate administrative system of your company, via automatic text file type and conformation of policy with their respective accounting entries.
Automatic ratio of tax receipts. Uploading files electronic vouchers provided by their suppliers in bulk, previously organized in folders. automatic and individual of each of its electronic proof against each of the registered general ledger relationship.

Transfers from your Corporate ERP System

Interactive programming interfaces between the software company and its corporate CGA
All corporate software generates type information Txt outputs, adaptations CGA program to read those files
and to load the information necessary to meet the requirements of the SAT.
CGA Finance has transfer processes for the most common ERP like SAP, Oracle, Baan and more.

The CGA interface module transfers the accounting information from your corporate ERP in practice and effectively.

Oracle / Interface

Transfer accounting from your corporate system for reporting your needs and requirements.

SAP / Interface

With 3 simple steps, you transfer all your accounting system and generate corporate accounting eficez electronic way.

Baan / Interface